Writing Quest
Build Better Writing Skills

Writing Quest is an easy and practical way for students to learn and polish the skills they need to become good writers. The program teaches students the rules used to evaluate writing, and then students apply those rules as they score actual essays. When students understand the rules by which their writing is judged, they become better writers.

The Writing Quest program teaches students the rules for evaluating and grading persuasive, expository, and narrative writing. Through the Writing Quest Workbook, students are introduced step-by-step to each of the five elements of effective writing:

FOCUS - the maintenance of a central theme
SUPPORT - theme clarification through specific details and examples
ORGANIZATION - the logical and orderly flow of ideas
CONVENTIONS - the correct use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation
INTEGRATION - the cohesion and coherency of a developed essay

Each chapter of the Writing Quest Workbook concentrates on one of these key elements. Students first learn about the element, evaluate that element in other students' writing, compare their evaluations with a teacher's, and finally write their own essays for evaluation and feedback.

Writing Quest allows for flexible scheduling and fits comfortably within existing curriculum, helping teachers connect classroom instruction to learning standards requirements. The short, easy-to-use Teacher's Guide provides essay evaluation forms and follow-up exercises and assignments to complement the student workbook.
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